For security, for prosperity, for life.


 Formed in 1960, ISDA Financial Life is the country’s largest Italian American-owned annuity/IRA/life insurance provider with more than $185 million in assets. We don’t have salaried officers or shareholders, which means our products are tailored to your bottom line — not ours — and that’s the point.

Branch Out With Low-Risk Annuities

 When you compare our annuities with those offered at your local bank, we win every time (and so will you).

Reshape the Curve With Leading IRAs

 With APY’s up to 3.50%, our IRAs are tough to beat (and so is your potential for growth).

Live for Today With Family-First Insurance

 With our low rates, coverage with us promises a greater return than coverage with our competitors (putting more money in your family’s pockets).

Building Tomorrow Together

 We’ve added more than $130,000,000 to our total assets since 2015, and we’re about to have our best year ever with $40,000,000 in growth in 2020.