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Formed in 1960…

in Pittsburgh, ISDA Financial Life is the country’s largest Italian American-owned annuity/IRA/life insurance provider with over $334 million in assets. We’re not a bank, so there are no salaried officers or shareholders, which means our offerings are tailored to your bottom line, not ours — and that’s the point.

million dollars in assets

% asset growth (2015 - 2022)

% rates

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Branch Out with Low-Risk Annuities

When you compare our annuities with those offered at your local bank, we win every time (and so will you). Rates up to 6.35%

Reshape the Curve with Leading IRAs

With APY’s up to 4.85%, our IRAs are tough to beat (and so is your potential for growth). Learn More

Live for Today with Family-First Life Insurance

With our low rates, coverage with us promises a greater return than coverage with our competitors (putting more money in your family’s pockets). Join Us

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