By James S. Laick, LUTCF, FICF
Senior Executive of Sales and Marketing

In these rough economic times, savers are seeking the safety of principal and a consistent rate of return for their investment portfolio. Many have experienced volatility in the market and are looking for safer alternatives. Many planners have allocated a portion of their client assets into ISDA flexible annuities. I have had the opportunity to visit and speak with many of these planners over these past years, about ISDA’s fixed annuity products and several points keep surfacing in our conversations. The planners share that their clients are happy with the consistent performance of their ISDA annuity and the solid renewal interest rate they continue to receive. Other comments are… Their client’s annuity statement is simple and easy to understand and ISDA’s annuity service department is always available to answer any questions. Their client can easily access their money using the penalty-free surrender amounts outlined in the annuity contract. All comments are very positive, and I can go on and on, but I think you get the point. ISDA prides itself on making sure every client’s (member’s) money entrusted to us is safe and secure.

ISDA offers several types of products including 2-, 3-, 5- and 8-year annuities to fit into one’s planning needs. Allow me to introduce you to one of them. The Platinum 8 Flexible Annuity, which is an 8-year annuity, in my opinion, is one of the leading annuities in today’s marketplace. It is simple and has many features that make it easy to understand. Some of its flexible features are as follows: one can start this annuity with a low minimum of $5,000 and receive an interest rate of 3.50% and this rate is guaranteed for the first year. Secondly, in year two of the annuity contract, the account receives a competitive non-guaranteed renewal interest rate currently at 3.25%. Third, the interest rate is compounded daily, there are no administrative charges of any kind, 100% of the money is working from day one! Fourth, the minimum guaranteed interest rate in the contract is 2.00%! Fifth, the money grows tax-deferred until withdrawal. Sixth, the interest earned is free from any ISDA withdrawal charge. Seventh, starting in the second year of the annuity, up to 15% of the account can be withdrawn annually without any ISDA penalty. Eighth, additional cash deposits can be added to the annuity at any time and these deposits receive the non-guaranteed renewal interest rate! Ninth, at the end of the contract term the owner can continue the annuity at the current non-guaranteed renewal interest rate, choose a settlement option, receive the lump of the total account value or receive cash payments for life! Tenth, upon the annuitant’s death, the beneficiary receives the total account value, avoiding the expense and delay of probate. As you can see ISDA’s Platinum 8 annuity is the best! Start your ISDA Platinum 8 Annuity today! It offers many valuable member benefits and a competitive return on your savings! It’s easy, just call an ISDA representative at 412-261-3550 to get all the details, or visit

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